Thursday, June 2, 2011

Devastating Typhoon Experience – A Real-life Story

Howdy everyone! This is fourth post in this blog. As the name of our website suggests, it discusses typhoon and their possible dangerous outcomes.  I’ve experienced a lot of devastating typhoons here in the Philippines.
I tell you, living in Bicol is no joke. I have no problem with the source of living there though. The problem was that the place was situated in the low-lying area in the Southern part of Luzon.
Apart from that, most typhoons passed the place and leaved it like ghost town. Quite funny but it’s true. In fact, just last 2007 a devastating typhoon have crashed the province leaving tens of thousands departed. And hundreds that are until now missing.
Well, that was one of the most tragic disasters that have had hit Bicol region. According to my grandfather, an 82 year old man, typhoon “reming” was next to typhoon “sisang”, of which had leaved the same damage as well. I saw the entire scenario.
I want to scream but no voice has come out on my mouth. PAGASA has released the forecast in the evening. According to them, it will hit the Catanduanes area though I can sense that the forecast was wrong.
I’m just wondering that time, I can hear the silence of the surroundings. It seemed have no typhoon.  I was afraid because that silence had broken up when exactly at 9:00 in the morning; a very strong wind begun blowing.
I could also hear the heavy rain falling in the roof. WTH, some light object start floating together with the strong wind. I could see the roof of our neighborhood got removed from their buckles.
The water level in the river nearby started to increase. After several hours, all houses have been washed out include our house.
 Among the typhoons I had experienced, this is the most devastating one. Just imagine, seeing hundreds of dead people in the river banks including old, middle-aged, teenagers and even babies.
Though I never question the wisdom of the lord after seeing and experiencing that tragic even in my life. As of the moment, Bicol region had already recovered and had bring back the lost resources.
However, no matter what you do to forget such an annoying thing , it would remain on your mind. Sad thing but it’s a big charge to experience. It tests my faith and pride in standing out even if I fell many times.
Just recently, Typhoon Chedeng had hit Bicol as well. We’re so thankful it did leave a massive damage in our province. Bicol is one of the typhoon prone provinces in the Philippines. PAGASA had already made a press and according to them another monsoon is on its form and has a possibility to become a typhoon. If ever the scenario takes place, this would be named Typhoon Dodong ,  the fourth typhoon in the Philippines this 2011.